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How Can I Get 80+ on Each Section of PTE?

How Can I Get 80+ on Each Section of PTE?

The moment you – a non-native English speaker, decide to study abroad the need to write an English proficiency examination becomes your reality. This reality is not the most palatable reality you will ever have, but it is one you can live through.
Like every exam you have written, you can fail or pass the PTE test. The points range from 10 to 90, since your plan is above 80 (a good target), let’s look at how you can get there. By now, you already know that the journey to your goal (80+) is not going to be flowery and your success lies in how well the PTE exam preparation is, but with these steps, you will get there.


This most important question you have to answer at this point is – Do I really want this? If your answer to this is YES, then you are ready for the PTE exam preparation that will get you to your 80+.
Determination is the engine that will drive you to work hard, to persevere and keep working at it even when you feel like giving up. So ask yourself the pertinent question – How much do I want this?

Conscious Practice

Practice is the major part of your PTE exam preparation. If determination is the brain, practice is the body. But your practice here has to be focused and conscious. Quality practice is one that you do with your mind fully present. Learn to pay attention to instructions and understand the pattern of the exam, question types, scoring scheme, time limits, and rules and instructions. This is something you have to do yourself; no PTE tutor can do it for you.

Wise Choice of Preparatory Material

Do not fall for just any material online or offline. If you need materials and PTE tutor, seek professional PTE online training and coaching. You need the personalized attention, flexibility of classes and to tap into the experience of a dedicated PTE tutor on the PTE online training and coaching.

An Understanding of the Interdependence of the skills

Interestingly, all your English skills that will get tested in the PTE test, are all interdependent. To speak effectively, you need to listen and to write effectively, you need to read. An understanding of the application of this interdependence is a lifesaver.
Remember, as you do your PTE exam preparation, you need an experienced PTE tutor and PTE online training and coaching, plus conscious practice. Only immense practice can produce an outstanding result. Good luck!