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About Us

Who We Are

We are a team of highly professional trainers with the passion to impart knowledge, mostly in language training and tests in English. Our team has been refined to bring the latest forms of training advancements delivering simple and easy means of getting around the mainstream tests of English, especially in the modern times where language tests are mostly referred as the lifeline of a successful career. With a team of talented trainers who has been globally acclaimed with professional experience from across the globe, Accord English provides a pivotal strength in delivering the optimal training for English Language Training.

At Accord English training facility, we provide the latest technologies to engage in the most innovative and interactive classrooms. The technology to render the best for the training on the global scale has been the foundation of our establishment. The eventual recognition as one of the most effective training facilities, especially in Pearson test of English has been the driving force of our facility ever since. The strength of our establishment lies in the commitment and expertise of our trainers and the provision of resources in abundance.

Our Vision

At Accord English, we believe in neutral and fair conduct alongside the practices that ensure transparency and deliverance of the training at the vastness of goodwill and trust. The foundation of flexible, innovative and comprehensive training has entrusted a legacy that has trailed over with a recommendable history. Accord English Australia is one of the foremost establishments in the arena of online training with IELTS and PTE. The realization of the urge to foray into deeper aspects of Language training skills with reference to their particular educational and occupational requirements has inspired us to initiate this prestigious institution into one of the frontiers in the modes of training.

Accord English Australia assists all those who aspire to pursue education abroad and to realize their dreams. An independent analysis conducted by the promoters of our initiative revealed that there were numerous aspirants hopeful of pursuing their education abroad and seeking jobs in foreign countries. On the contrary, very few training institutions were available to guide the examination processes and procedures. Surprisingly, a substantial number of aspirants were unaware of the opportunity for excellent training and guidance facilities with the latest technical assistance with the comfort of being in their own space.

Our Belief

Accord English Australia was born out of a desire to fill this void between expectation and outcome. It was conceived as a one-stop destination that would provide online training and support to aspirants through the services of Quality-focused and dedicated trainers, who would guide them as per the demand in terms of providing group oriented as well as individualized trainings by making use of the innovative technological aspects and guidance to achieve the required scores thereby clearing up the examination obstacles and helping them to get placed on to their choice of institutions and thereby helping them realize their goals.

The present scenario demands this kind of dedicated, focused, innovative and strategized training to assist the aspirants to clear up their efforts in terms of realizing their paramount dreams to a better education and thereby securing their future. A distinctive one of its kind, Accord English Australia has collaborated with many other institutes and online resources to pursue a very vibrant platform and groom through an intensive program for successful completion of mainstream tests of English.

Our Commitment

In today’s world filled with competition, it is just not sufficient to have a technical qualification and one needs to stand out in the crowd of millions of aspirants in order to be successful. Thus, in such corporate and academic settings, you need the special guidance to have a head start to your career making you an ideal choice for career options and credentials. Since our establishment, Accord English has developed expertise in delivering high-quality language training solutions (E-learning Programs), both regular as well as customized to individuals and corporate types in language tests. Specially designed to suit the desired schedules, our trainers are up to the best to bring the training. The education and knowledge of Accord English are rendered by a team of experienced, talented and expert linguists. The professional trainers adopt innovative, interactive and interesting pedagogy and techniques to teach the language with the vision of envisioning the best learning experience all while training. The team works round the clock to ensure complete time management cycle.

Our Future

Language tests are the foundations of the future in a career. The need to deliver the expertise and the skills to the advanced levels is the key to the modern means of international adherence. Increasingly, from Academics to the occupational needs, Language tests are playing an essential role in launching an international career. More so, we believe we are the right path to ensure our growth alongside your success. With a vision to excel in the language training facility, we have found an expansive infrastructure with a strong foundation.

We reside our faith in the infrastructure to bring more distinctive and efficient methods and practices to bring the training under the realm of success in the tests of English. Defined and focused, Accord English has been one of the first of its kind to instigate total preparation schemes under a single comprehensive platform. Designed with the needs of the time, Accord English brings an innovative approach in training schedules to widen the scope of comfort and efficacy in the norms of training. So, now we are a step ahead in inspiring the best for the trade with the most effective results. Join us in our quest to bring the best in language learning and tests preparations in English.